Said my then two-year-old. I don’t remember the exact reason we had to wait to leave the house that day - there’s always a very important reason, often involving a collection of stones or a tea party - but this time it got me thinking. I noticed that every time I took those few extra minutes to play the game, help gather together her random collection of important things or just give a hug, things went a lot more smoothly (read: we avoided tantrums). It reminded me so much of business planning and specifically in my field, communications planning. When you take the time to plan up front, things ultimately run a lot more smoothly.

The day she said that, I was just starting down the road of my latest communications venture. At that point it was really just an idea: I wanted to support small businesses with their start-up or refreshed communications needs. I wanted to do something that really made a difference to the success of small businesses, especially female-led small businesses. So, wait, this first communications was born.

If you’re a small business owner - whether you’ve barely begun or you’re quite a bit further down the track of your own venture - and you need some help with your marketing and communications, please take a look at the different types and levels of support that I can offer. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and how I can tailor a support package to meet your needs.

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Is a friend or loved one just starting their own business? Do you think they might need a hand? Or perhaps they’ve been on their business journey for a little while but have been talking about getting some help.

Gift cards can be redeemed against any services on offer, for full or part payment, and are valid for use with promotions, such as The Sunday Market. For access to all available promotions, follow @waitthisfirst on Instagram. With the flexibility to discuss, plan and choose the service that will best help them at their stage of business, the recipient is able to personalise this gift for their own business needs and to fit their personal work preferences.

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